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"You do not know how long I have been waiting for something like this. With my Writing Blueprint I am confident that I will be able to finish my book.

I am literally in tears and can barely see the keyboard. Thanks and love to you all. "

- Mark Simpson

Finally, You Have a Choice:

Spend years struggling through trial and error, collecting rejection slips

and seeing your passion for writing turn to frustration. Or....

Start Writing & Publishing Tonight with Writing Blueprints.

Superstar Authors & Editors Guiding You, Step-by-Step, to Writing Success.
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Targeted Writing Solutions Tools to Help With Your Trickiest Issues.

With Writing Blueprints, You're Never Alone on Your Writing Journey!

"I love my Blueprint! It keeps me on task and provides inspiration. The instructors are generous, practical and knowledgeable.

Blueprints are an essential tool in my quest to become a published author."

- Lou Ann Gurney

"Instead of waking up at 5 am and willing my mind to think of something to write, I had a short Writing Blueprints video and exercise waiting to warm up my brain and get the creativity flowing. Best of all, the exercises were useful. Not 'practice writing' just for practice's sake, but practice for writing my novel. I was working toward my finished manuscript, but in manageable pieces. It has been invaluable to have someone there taking me through the process step by step.

After two weeks, I began looking forward to getting up early to write. After two months, I had a new first draft—one that I read through without cringing!

Now I'm into the editing stage, and I have a guide through that process as well. They say writing is rewriting, and I'm so glad that Writing Blueprints walks me through revising my manuscript as well.

I truly feel like I have a mentor helping me take an idea, get it on paper, and then make it shine.

Thanks so much for creating Writing Blueprints! They're an incredible resource."

- Christy Chu

"Writing Blueprints has gotten me in the writing chair working on my first YA novel!!!

Thank you, Writing Blueprints, for an inspiring piece of work!"

- Tina Jude

"I finally got my children's adventure book, The Villains of Splazat published! What a joy and journey...and I could not have done it without the help of your Blueprint road map to guide me, literally, step by step! Writing Blueprints was a God-send for me.

There were the nights I went to bed with writer's block, wondering what do I do now or where does the storyline go from here! Then, I would wake up with the obvious solution. 'Hey, wait a minute! Why am I struggling so hard? I have my Blueprint to help me with my next step on what I need to write or where I need to go in this story!' By answering a few simple questions embedded in my story, the Blueprint freed my brain cramps and sent me on my way to whole new chapters!

My book is doing remarkably well and I'm flattered to be nominated for several children's book awards thanks to many new friends and fans! Much credit goes to you and your Picture Book Blueprint because without it, I do not know whether I would have even finished the book, let alone published it, in both soft and hardcovers and now in Kindle edition.

Thank you guys for all your hard work to help make me a successful picture book author!"

- Jesse Arrington

"I can't tell you how much I love the affordable, easy to use Middle Grade/YA Blueprint. Its methodical, take-your-time approach was just what I needed to get my middle grade novel moving again. Thank you guys so much for putting this program together!"

- Juliana Jones

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