Writers: Quit the School of Hard Knocks. Here's the New Way to Write a Great Book!

The Learning Curve is Officially Dead.

Introducing the New Way to Learn Writing.


What Is a Writing Blueprint?

It's an entirely new online approach to writing and revising excellent manuscripts. Each Writing Blueprint takes a particular genre or category of book and breaks the process of writing and revising it into tiny steps. Each step then features a video with an expert instructor describing this piece of the writing puzzle, offering great advice and giving instructions about using the fillable PDF form for that step.

The writer listens to the instructor, fills out the form and moves on to the next step. This process continues right through the writing and revision process. When it's over, the user has a revised, tight manuscript.

Who Created It?

Writing Blueprints is the creation of Children's Book Insider, a family business based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

We began in May, 1990 and have helped thousands of people start and build fulfilling careers as writers. The folks behind CBI are the husband and wife team of Jon Bard and Laura Backes. Laura is one of the world’s best-known children’s writing teachers, and has been published by Writer’s Digest, The Writer, Random House and countless other outlets. Jon is the former owner of a New York PR firm and is well known for his articles, posts and videos on the art of promotion for writers.

Jon and Laura with our son Matt.

We created Writing Blueprints because we know that writers of all genres are desperately seeking clarity, a path to follow and a trusted teacher to help them. And we also know that few writers have the financial means to hire a private writing coach to lead them on that path.

Writing Blueprints makes step-by-step, interactive expert instruction available to all!

How is It Different?

Up until now, writing instruction has been largely passive -- aspiring authors read books, take classes, go to conferences and do writing exercises and then sit down to start writing. It's on them to synthesize the information they've received, sift good advice from bad advice and then somehow make it all applicable to their own writing experience.

It's the “school of hard knocks" approach that we've come to accept it as the way to become a writer.

A little over a year ago, we asked "is there a better way?" Is there an active way to learn to write rather than the passive way?

It led us to develop Writing Blueprints.

What Level of Experience is Needed to Use a Blueprint?

Blueprints work for experienced authors and also for aspiring writers who are just getting started!

Here's the key – a writer, regardless of experience -- can open up a Blueprint and start writing immediately, even if they don't have a story idea yet (the Blueprint helps them find one.) They learn while they write. And each time they go through the Blueprint, they will become better writers, because they'll be practicing the key skills needed to write a book.

For an experienced author, Blueprints are a giant time-saver. They'll use their Blueprint again and again for each new project, never worrying about missing key pieces of story structure.

Is this a Formula That Will Spit Out Cookie-Cutter Manuscripts?

Far from it! The Blueprint is a process that adapts to the style of its user. We pair this proven process with exactly the technique development a writer needs to write a particular style of book. The output will be as diverse and multi-dimensional as the writers who use each Blueprint.Each

So, If It's Not a Formula, What Is It?

It's a proven, rock-solid process.

Writing Blueprints help bring balance back to writing instruction. There are two elements to great writing: technique and process. Great technique without the ability to properly structure a story, craft interesting worlds and tightly revise leads to often unreadable output. Great process without the ability to write in a lyrical, powerful style is bone dry.

We've noticed that, in recent decades, the pendulum in writing instruction has swung pretty far to the “technique” side. As a result, many writers can craft lovely prose, but have no idea how to effectively present it.

With Writing Blueprints, we're presenting both technique and process together, on an equal footing. In fact, we're essentially providing writers with a process that they can adapt to fit their own needs.

That's why this isn’t a “formula” or 'recipe”. It's a proven process paired with exactly the technique development a writer needs to write a particular style of book. The output will be as diverse and multi-dimensional as the writers who use each Blueprint.

How Often Can I Use My Blueprint?

A Writing Blueprint comes with lifetime access and can be used over and over, for each new project a writer starts. It provides a rock-solid structure that can result in wildly diverse manuscripts. But each manuscript will tick off every box an editor has: It will be cleanly plotted, feature characters with depth and be well-edited.

Between projects, Writing Blueprints is an excellent tool for practice and inspiration. In fact, many Blueprinters tell us that they use the Blueprint to help them when they're blocked or stuck, as it puts them directly into writing action.

Does the Writing Blueprint Replace Traditional Writing Instruction?

Not at all. Rather, it makes instruction easier to apply and less confusing. Let's say a writer really wants to dig in to Tone. She can take classes, view webinars, read books etc. and then go back to the Tone section of a Blueprint and directly apply what she's learned.

You'll save time and be able to put new knowledge you gain directly into action!