Following the Hero's Journey to the Creative Transformation You Deserve

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Finally, a path to creative transformation for writers by a writer, using the tools, experience and narrative wisdom you already have.

How does the story of your creative life read?

Is it filled with adventure, fulfillment and unbridled expression?

If not, it might be time for a rewrite.

You're about to discover how a tool that has helped writers tell stories for millennia can lead to the artistic transformation you've been seeking.

It's the Hero's Journey.

And, in this story, you are the hero.

The Hero's Journey is Much More Than a Storytelling Structure.

It's an Elegant Roadmap to Your Creative Transformation.

In 1949, when Joseph Campbell revealed his landmark research on the Hero's Journey — a storytelling structure used by humans since the dawn of recorded history — the findings reverberated throughout the literary, dramatic and film communities.

Campbell's work has had a profound impact on our artistic culture. But, for all the attention the Hero's Journey has received as a storytelling tool, a very significant point has been overlooked:

The reason the Hero's Journey is universal and timeless is because it reflects the adventure and purpose that each of us wants in our own lives and careers.

And, if properly applied to our own journey as writers, it can help us overcome our obstacles and unlock our full creative potential.

Todd Mitchell is a successful author of young adult, middle grade fiction and graphic novels, and a creative writing professor at Colorado State University. He's won awards, sold stories to Hollywood and developed a loyal fanbase.

But something was missing. He describes facing "a breakdown that destroyed my relationship with creativity, and with life".

His transformation toward a new creative life featured an important insight:

That the Writers Journey is The Hero's Journey.

And by building a template for our own lives based on this ancient structure, we can find a new level of creativity, persistence, courage and happiness in our work.

Now, for the first time anywhere, Todd fully fleshes out this transformational concept by showing you — step-by-step — how to apply the Hero's Journey to your own writing life and, in so doing, completely reinvent your creative self.

Join award-winning author Todd Mitchell for a nearly two hour session (with lifetime on-demand video replay and an exclusive PDF handout packed with useful info) that will give you the tools and knowledge you need to embark on a Hero's Journey of discovery and creative transformation.

In this comprehensive class you'll learn:

  • The basics of the Hero's Journey structure.
  • Why perseverance matters more than talent. A lot more.
  • How to act on your personal "call to adventure".
  • How to defeat doubt, fear, procrastination, imposter syndrome and other gremlins that cause us to refuse our call to adventure.
  • How to overcome the "Threshold Guardians" that hold us back from being our true creative selves.
  • How to find mentors, friends and allies to help us move past the trials and tribulations that inevitably appear.
  • What to do when you come face-to-face with your creative "Dark Night of the Soul".
  • Why the old self must die so a new self can be born (and what this looks like for writers).
  • How to follow in the footsteps of artists who’ve reinvented themselves and made radical discoveries.
  • How you can embrace your own "Supreme Ordeal" (even while it frightens you), and move onward toward the writing life you deserve.
  • Ways to lock in your transformation by developing resilience, letting go of resistance, embracing new challenges and aligning ourselves with life.

In one powerful session, Todd will walk you step-by-step through the discoveries he's made and give you exactly what you need to find the creative transformation you've been looking for — and deserve.

You'll also get a detailed, comprehensive PDF handout to accompany the session that you can refer to while on your journey.

Are you ready for a new creative life? Then come along for the ride.

Adventure — and transformation — awaits.

NOTE: This isn't just another general "self-help" class. It's about you as a writer and creating a happier, more fulfilling artistic life.

It's not about relationships, money, parenting and other life challenges, so don't expect that during the workshop. However, when you find creative happiness, expect it to spill out in a wonderful way throughout many parts of your life! 😀

"Can't say enough good things about this webinar."

- Jackie C.

"Wow, so so great, thanks Todd! This will be transformational for my writing."

- Michale R.

Your Instructor

Todd Mitchell
Todd Mitchell

Todd is an award-winning author of young adult, middle grade fiction and graphic novels, and an Associate Professor and Director of Creative Writing Pedagogy at Colorado State University.

His published work includes:

The Traitor King (Scholastic, Todd Mitchell Books)

The Secret to Lying (Candlewick Press)

Backwards (Candlewick Press)

The Last Panther (Yearling)

The Naming Girl (Owl Hollow Press)

Breakthrough: How to Overcome Doubt, Fear and Resistance to Be Your Ultimate Creative Self (Owl Hollow Press)

He lives "in a pointy green house in Fort Collins with a hyper dog, extremely cool wife, and two wise daughters".

"Wow, Todd… this was amazing."

- Violet L.

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